Classy NYC escorts you will want to be seen with

Escorts in New York have never been taken very seriously. Many have always seen them as glorified prostitutes rather than the professionals they are. However, this view is now changing as many NYC escorts continue to reshape their ways of doing business aiming to look more and more professional.

Previously, many a man would not have wanted to be seen in the company of an escort because of the disdain people had towards these ladies. That mindset has now changed and men are increasingly and confidently engaging the services of escorts.

New York Exotic Asians ( is a leading New York escort service. We are at the forefront in changing the way people perceive the escort industry by giving men the opportunity to hook up with classy New York Asian escorts. We intend to change men’s perception of escorts by proving to them that escorts are actually beautiful, smart and talented women with whom they can spend quality time without feeling an iota of embarrassment.

Our agency is big on image because men are very careful with the image they portray before other people. We want to connect our clients with NYC escorts thatthey will be proud to be seen with in public. To this end we have recruited very gorgeous New York Asian escorts. Asian women are naturally very attractive and many men find them to be irresistible. Looks are however not enough to create the perfect impression and so we thoroughly scrutinize each prospective New York Asian escort’s intelligence, humor and wit before hiring them. We are in effect turning the notion that “NYC escorts are dumb blondes” on its head by providing men with smart, well educated escorts.

Now you can go anywhere with a New York Asian escort from New York Exotic Asians without fearing what people will say. In fact, simply being seen with any of our escorts is in itself a thing of prestige considering these ladies exotic oriental beauty, charm and social etiquette. You can go to virtually any function with your escort and have a great time together. Other people at these functions will no doubt be impressed by the woman at your side. If you like you can even have a real girlfriend experience whereby your escort will pretend to be your girlfriend. Doing this will greatly improve your reputation in your friends eyes.

If you are tired of boring NYC escorts and escorts with shady characters then we are the agency you should be talking to. We will hook you up with arguably the smartest, most beautiful Asian girls in New York.

Where to find the most honest Asian escorts in New York

A man hires the service of an escort in anticipation of having a great time with her. In majority of cases things go according to plan and the gentleman enjoys a swell time with his escort. Sometimes though, things can go awry thus leaving the gentleman feeling very frustrated. What was intended to be a great rendezvous can turn sour for a number of reasons. Dishonesty from both the escort and the client is what ruins most encounters. Perhaps the greatest culprits are unscrupulous escorts who only want to make a quick buck without minding their clients’ welfare.

There are various forms of dishonesty that escorts can engage in. Misrepresentation is one of them. Rogue escort services lure customers using fake photos posted on their websites. When prospective clients look at these pictures they are led to think that those are genuine escorts and so they go ahead and book appointments only for different girls to show up at their rendezvous. Tales of escorts who disappear with their clients’ valuables from their hotel rooms are also commonplace. It is such shenanigans that give the industry a bad image but at New York Exotic Asians we are out to change that by giving our customers appointments with only the most honest New York Asian escorts.

We have as such pulled all the stops possible to see to it that our clients have complete peace of mind while in the company of our NY Asian escorts. To start with, we check prospective NY Asian escorts backgrounds before taking them in. We don’t accept New York Asian escorts with criminal records, drug issues, or anything else that could cause problems. All NY Asian escorts in our agency are of legal age, educated and streetwise.

As an agency we proudly uphold stringent ethical standards. For instance, we do not use falsehoods to lure customers like some other agencies do. All the profile photos of the New York Asian escorts you see on our website are real and if you want an appointment with a particular girl then she is the one who’ll be sent over to you. Additionally, we neither have hidden charges nor do we rip you off in any way.

We put a lot of emphasis in honesty because we would like you to enjoy our services with total peace of mind; unless you are comfortably settled you cannot enjoy the company of NY Asian escorts fully. We also want happy customers to return for more pleasure in future and so we always strive to create a good customer service rapport. You can find out more about our New York Asian escorts on our website. 

About personalized NYC escorts services

At the dawn of the twentieth century businesses turned to mass production and which enabled them to maximize production while reducing their costs to a minimum. All goods produced in this way were identical. Henry Ford, who is credited with pioneering automated motor production, famously quipped that his customers could have cars in any color – so long as they were black.

Ford’s paradigm worked very well at that time but today’s consumer will have none of it. These days, customers want personalized goods and services. Customers want services that suit their unique needs and they also want to play a role in determining which products are best for them. Even men hiring escorts now demand personalized services. They also want to decide how their time with these escorts will be spent.

New York Exotic Asians ( is a premier New York escort service that connects gentlemen with beautiful Asian NYC escorts. We are alive to the fact that discerning gentlemen want unique escort services and that the “one size fits all” mantra found in many other agencies no longer works. It is a fact that in the escort industry clients are becoming more and more selective and which is why we have come up with a service model that effectively accommodates all our clients’ unique needs.

Our agency only provides beautiful Asian escorts New York who are well trained in performing all the various services that a client could ask for. We receive requests for different kinds of services and our Asian escorts New York are perfectly suited to provide them. For example, many men ask for NYC escorts to accompany them to dates and other social functions. Some men want what we call a “girlfriend experience” whereby our NYC escorts will act like their girlfriends. Gentlemen hiring our Asian escorts New York have never been disappointed because our escorts are very beautiful, charming and socially skilled, and so they carry themselves with poise and perfect etiquette in different social situations. Our NYC escorts are also witty and intelligent thus making for great company in private dates. Customers asking for more intimate erotic services are also in good hands because our Asian escorts New York are very skilled in the arts of pleasuring men.

At New York Exotic Asians we do not force clients to settle for prepared packages. We instead give them leeway to decide what they want us to do for them; what they ask for is what they get. If you are fed up with unimaginative escort services elsewhere then you should give us a call and let us offer you a fresh taste of personalized escort services.

Where can you get real professional escorts in New York?

In New York City there are very many women who call themselves escorts. Many of these so called NYC escorts are anything but what they claim to be. The truth is that there are hundreds of women out there who masquerade as escorts but the services they offer are really not what bona fide escorts proffer. For instance, real professional do not sleep with clients let alone discuss this issue. They have a list of services that they offer and standard prices, and they stick to their guns. Non-professionals on the other hand have no qualms about accepting money in exchange for sexual favors – which is illegal and could land both the escort and the client in trouble.

Dealing with unprofessional NYC escorts is not very smart despite their affordability and willingness to go where professionals won’t venture. Many people have regretted engaging with these types of women when it was already too late. To save yourself unnecessary trouble whenever you want to hire NYC escorts simply stick with well regarded service providers such as New York Exotic Asians.

At New York Exotic Asians we only recruit professional, well mannered NY Asian escorts to join our team. All NY Asian escorts who want to join us are properly vetted to weed out any unwanted traits that might offend our esteemed clients. We ensure, for example, that all our NY Asian escorts are well educated and articulate because clients like escorts who are smart and good in conversation.

As a service provider, we treat out clients with a lot of respect. We don’t do the sort of things that other agencies do to shortchange their customers. For example, when you go to our website ( where we display a gallery of our finest NY Asian escorts, you can choose any particular girl that catches your eye. You will then give us a call, we’ll agree on the particulars, after which we’ll send the girl your way. This ordered conducting of business is where rogue agencies shortchange their clients. They send girls that their clients didn’t choose from the website, safely aware that a client’s money is not refundable. Clients who find themselves in this situation obviously feel cheated but there is nothing they can do so they just accept the escort who has turned up and get going. We guarantee prospective clients that this can never happen at our agency. Not only is this very unprofessional, doing it will diminish our fine reputation.

At New York Exotic Asians we put our clients first. We will always provide NYC escorts who are able to meet their needs in the most satisfactory manner.