The true escort service is about much more than sex

The American media loves scandal, with reporters gleefully rendering stories about men who have been caught up in one form of sex scandal or another. The media loves it when the person concerned is a prominent figure, say a senior politician, clergyman or business executive. Some of the well publicized scandals, such as that of former New York Mayor Elliot Spitzer, had to do with an escort agency. This type of adverse publicity does no good to the escort business rather it only ingrains in people’s minds more misconceptions about the industry. Of course we cannot deny the existence of some sleazy operators in the business whose actions are basically criminal but the entire industry shouldn’t be judged by these standards.

One reason why we shouldn’t be so harsh on the escort business is the simple fact that the professional escort business has nothing to do with sex trade. In other words, escorting and prostitution are not synonymous despite the fact that many escort agencies have been busted on prostitution-related charges. Arguably the common reason for these busts, it must unassumingly be pointed out, is that the operators of the affected agencies and their escort girls have crossed the fine line between offering a legal escort service and prostitution. In this regard, state and federal law enforcers always keep their eyes open so as to nab people operating prostitution businesses under the ruse of offering escort services.

The escort business, as has been pointed out, is not about selling sex, even though some people use escort agencies as a cover for prostitution. New York Exotic Asians ( is one of New York’s well regarded escort services. We have attractive New York Asian escorts working with us and they are not prostitutes. Our NY Asian escorts offer a rich menu of professional services all of which are above board. For instance, if you are holding a party and you want some beautiful female company, you can hire our New York Asian escorts. Supposing you have some important guests from out of town and you wish to spoil and impress them with New York’s finest NY Asian escorts, we are certainly the people to see because our New York Asian escorts are gorgeous, intelligent, witty and socially-skilled – attributes that make them the perfect ladies for your guests entertainment.

If the stress of New York has left you feeling all beat up and cranky, a thorough Asian massage will get you back in shape; the best people to offer you top-notch quality massages are New York Asian escorts. The NY Asian escorts in our service are all very good with oriental massage and other pleasuring techniques, and which will all leave you feeling rejuvenated and happy. Our agency is not a front for prostitution and our NY Asian escorts are not prostitutes. Their job is to make you happy with their company and to give you erotic pleasure.

The only New York escort service that guarantees your satisfaction

Arguably the fastest and surest way to bring down your own business is to treat your customers shabbily. Customers vote with their feet – they quickly take their business elsewhere, usually to your competitors, if they are not satisfied with your service. Every effort invested in customer satisfaction is therefore effort well spent.

The escort business is not any different from other forms of business. NYC escorts who do a great job of satisfying their clients are rewarded with loyal return customers. Those who don’t take customer satisfaction seriously often end up with one-off customers and eventually make less income than their more hardworking, client-centered counterparts. As a customer, you certainly expect service commensurate with the money you are paying. Many are the times though that you are left with feelings of dissatisfaction when your time with an escort is over.

Satisfaction can elude you courtesy of many factors, some of which have to do with you and some of which have to do with the NYC escorts themselves. Except in rare instances when a client behaves really badly, a dedicated, experienced and caring escort should be able to bring things back on track so that at the end of the day the client enjoys a great time with her. Perhaps the greatest impediment to enjoyment is client anxiety, and which is especially common with young men who are not accustomed to being with escorts. Unfortunately, not all NYC escorts are willing or able to put an anxious client at ease and smoothen out whatever snags may come along the path to great enjoyment.

It takes an experienced escort with total commitment to her client to satisfy a man despite any issues that may come up. This is the kind of NYC escorts that New York Exotic Asians ( provides for its clients and where we always have a bevy of beautiful Asian escorts New York waiting to serve you. The unique thing about Asian escorts New York that you won’t find with many other escorts is their complete dedication to duty which they carry over from their Asian roots. Nothing will stop Asian escorts New York from making you happy, just as long as you have stated the needs that you want them to cater for. They are kind ladies, gentle enough to put even the most nervous of men sufficiently at ease so that he can fully enjoy himself. Men who have had the pleasure of being pampered by our Asian escorts New York report high satisfaction and many have since come back multiple times for more. 

What sets apart Asian escorts from other New York escorts?

Here in New York we have escorts of different types but NY Asian escorts are seemingly more highly acclaimed than others. Many men seem to be more impressed by Asian escorts than NYC escorts of other nationalities and when you think about it it’s really not difficult to see why.

First of all, NY Asian escorts have personalities reminiscent of typical Asian women. Asian women differ very much from western women in their mien and general outlook towards life. A typical Asian woman is very kind and polite. She is completely dedicated to her man and will do anything to please him. NY Asian escorts endear themselves to men likewise because they naturally bear some of these traits. In the same vein, Asian escorts have been observed to serve their clients with more dedication than non Asian escorts.

Another reason why many men are so into NY Asian escorts is their beauty. Put side by side, Asian escorts are prettier than many other NYC escorts and which is why men like hiring them for company during parties and for private dates.

There is one agency in New York that gives you the chance to sample beautiful NY Asian escorts who come with all these acclaimed qualities and much more. We are New York Exotic Asians ( All the NYC escorts in our portfolio are Asians and so we’ll only connect you with authentic Asian girls.

Besides beauty and charm, there is another reason why men love Asian escorts more than other NYC escorts and you will experience it firsthand when you hire one of our escorts. Reference is being made to the erotic oriental pleasuring techniques that Asian women have been perfecting for thousands of years. Asian girls have at their fingertips creative pleasuring techniques with which they will give you unforgettable pleasure. Take massage as an example. Asian escorts can give you a tantalizing oriental massage unlike any you can get from a typical massage parlor. All our girls are well trained in this art and they will therefore creatively pleasure you thoroughly. There are many variations of oriental massage that you can enjoy starting with the typical two hand massage to the more erotic full body oil massage.

You don’t know what you have been missing if you haven’t tasted the sweet delights possible with Asian escorts. New York Exotic Asians is the agency to call if you want to experience the joys that many other men have discovered courtesy of our beautiful Asian NYC escorts.