Love making, gender and regret

When it comes to love making, the different gender has different sort of regrets. Men and women have always taken up their love life in a different way. They have their own myth and regrets regarding their love life. They end up taking decisions in life that they regret later on. When it comes to love making, the genders have their own preference and priorities. The love making and erotic desires have made man commit various acts and take decisions which were not supportive in the near future. Let’s track down few of the love making regrets which every gender has even an NY Asian escort goes through it. A man and a woman come along with new regret’s in their life let’s check on how:

Love and women regrets

Women have their own list of regrets regarding their love life. It was quite exciting to make love but why do they regret their decision? Let’s turn the pages of past and check out how a woman regrets her love making actions.

  • A women regrets to loose her virginity at a very early age. Probably before 18 or maybe 20, they loose on their Virginity in the excitement of love making. This is one of those favorite regrets every woman possesses.
  • Loosing Virginity with a wrong person. How about losing on virginity with a man who is not with you anymore? Well, that’s a regret every girl has. Out of love and excitement often girls make love in their relationship which tends to break and not last long. Women start regretting their decision to make love and loose their Virginity with the person she is not anymore.
  • Women have always been regretting regarding the love making acts they have committed. They at some of the time always feel they should not have done it so soon. Considering the age and the right man she should have decided the right thing.
  • Cheating their partners in the past and present. It is a myth that only men cheat. Even women do cheat on their men. They tend to regret it later on when they realize it to be a mistake. They regret their decision to cheat for love and getting bored with their existing partners. After all, love makes them cross all the standards of right and wrong.

Men and their regrets

Men on the other hand regret regarding the things they have not done. The love making adventures they have missed on is a huge regret for men. They hardly regret on things that they have committed while they look for more excitement and fulfilling love like hiring NY Asian escorts. Men regrets on failing to fulfill their erotic desires and kinky wishes with their partner.

  • Men regret on not initiating an exciting love in the love making with their partner. They feel they should have made their love life more interesting and exciting and not keep it boring.
  • Men regret on having a dull love life. They feel they do not have good things to add to their list of love making. Not trying various things in love, not fulfilling their naughty desires are those regrets that often daunt them. No matter how well the love life is, they always find it less and a road to achieve more.
  • Men regret on being inactive in their youth. They feel they have not utilized their youth in exciting love making and eroticism.
  • When single they regret not making love and indulge in adventurous and Romantic love making.

Love, gender and regret have been a part of life. While women regret on having done few things in love and the men regret on not having done the adventurous part. Life goes on with regrets and we should never stop like Long Island escorts.

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