We all love parties because it’s at parties that we can let our hair down and have fun. Parties vary in formality – from the very formal corporate balls to the anything-goes varieties. Many of us would rather attend less formal parties with more relaxed atmospheres. There are some things however that you are not going to miss at any party, regardless of how formal or informal it is. One is the food and which depends on the sophistication of the party host and the depth of their pockets – a company will at its corporate gala serve more expensive cuisines to its esteemed guests whereas a handful of pizzas will be adequate at a bachelor party. The drinks served also vary according to the host. Music is an essential aspect for purposes of serenading the guests or revving them up depending on the crowd at the party. Finally, we have the beautiful women who provide company to the party guests and whose presence enlivens the party.

Bringing a female companion is the norm for most formal parties. Even informal shindigs sometimes require men to come with women in tow. The women who accompany men to parties are there not just to keep them company but also to shore up their credentials with their friends. The guy with the hottest girl on his arm wins the respect of the others, albeit grudgingly. It is therefore important to find a girl who is not only very attractive but also intelligent, well mannered, witty, and socially skilled, to create a lasting impression in your favor. Single men and men whose girlfriends aren’t so hot always have the option of hiring NYC escorts when such events come up.

That men hire NYC escorts to accompany them to parties is nothing new. In fact, a lot of guys do it. The upside of hiring NYC escorts for company at a party is that you get to choose the particular girl you want to be with. You are free to choose the most attractive girl you can find and who you know will wow your friends at the party. A New York Asian escort will make for a particularly attractive choice. The beauty of a New York Asian escort will certainly earn you envious glances but beauty in itself won’t suffice because there are other important qualities that you should look for.

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