At the dawn of the twentieth century businesses turned to mass production and which enabled them to maximize production while reducing their costs to a minimum. All goods produced in this way were identical. Henry Ford, who is credited with pioneering automated motor production, famously quipped that his customers could have cars in any color – so long as they were black.

Ford’s paradigm worked very well at that time but today’s consumer will have none of it. These days, customers want personalized goods and services. Customers want services that suit their unique needs and they also want to play a role in determining which products are best for them. Even men hiring escorts now demand personalized services. They also want to decide how their time with these escorts will be spent.

New York Exotic Asians ( is a premier New York escort service that connects gentlemen with beautiful Asian NYC escorts. We are alive to the fact that discerning gentlemen want unique escort services and that the “one size fits all” mantra found in many other agencies no longer works. It is a fact that in the escort industry clients are becoming more and more selective and which is why we have come up with a service model that effectively accommodates all our clients’ unique needs.

Our agency only provides beautiful Asian escorts New York who are well trained in performing all the various services that a client could ask for. We receive requests for different kinds of services and our Asian escorts New York are perfectly suited to provide them. For example, many men ask for NYC escorts to accompany them to dates and other social functions. Some men want what we call a “girlfriend experience” whereby our NYC escorts will act like their girlfriends. Gentlemen hiring our Asian escorts New York have never been disappointed because our escorts are very beautiful, charming and socially skilled, and so they carry themselves with poise and perfect etiquette in different social situations. Our NYC escorts are also witty and intelligent thus making for great company in private dates. Customers asking for more intimate erotic services are also in good hands because our Asian escorts New York are very skilled in the arts of pleasuring men.

At New York Exotic Asians we do not force clients to settle for prepared packages. We instead give them leeway to decide what they want us to do for them; what they ask for is what they get. If you are fed up with unimaginative escort services elsewhere then you should give us a call and let us offer you a fresh taste of personalized escort services.

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