A man hires the service of an escort in anticipation of having a great time with her. In majority of cases things go according to plan and the gentleman enjoys a swell time with his escort. Sometimes though, things can go awry thus leaving the gentleman feeling very frustrated. What was intended to be a great rendezvous can turn sour for a number of reasons. Dishonesty from both the escort and the client is what ruins most encounters. Perhaps the greatest culprits are unscrupulous escorts who only want to make a quick buck without minding their clients’ welfare.

There are various forms of dishonesty that escorts can engage in. Misrepresentation is one of them. Rogue escort services lure customers using fake photos posted on their websites. When prospective clients look at these pictures they are led to think that those are genuine escorts and so they go ahead and book appointments only for different girls to show up at their rendezvous. Tales of escorts who disappear with their clients’ valuables from their hotel rooms are also commonplace. It is such shenanigans that give the industry a bad image but at New York Exotic Asians http://nyasianescortservice.com we are out to change that by giving our customers appointments with only the most honest New York Asian escorts.

We have as such pulled all the stops possible to see to it that our clients have complete peace of mind while in the company of our NY Asian escorts. To start with, we check prospective NY Asian escorts backgrounds before taking them in. We don’t accept New York Asian escorts with criminal records, drug issues, or anything else that could cause problems. All NY Asian escorts in our agency are of legal age, educated and streetwise.

As an agency we proudly uphold stringent ethical standards. For instance, we do not use falsehoods to lure customers like some other agencies do. All the profile photos of the New York Asian escorts you see on our website are real and if you want an appointment with a particular girl then she is the one who’ll be sent over to you. Additionally, we neither have hidden charges nor do we rip you off in any way.

We put a lot of emphasis in honesty because we would like you to enjoy our services with total peace of mind; unless you are comfortably settled you cannot enjoy the company of NY Asian escorts fully. We also want happy customers to return for more pleasure in future and so we always strive to create a good customer service rapport. You can find out more about our New York Asian escorts on our website.

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